The national security and defense world is run almost entirely by research assistants and associates. A foundational experience for many in the field, serving as a research assistant and associate can offer the opportunity to expand on an area of interest, grow a professional network, and better determine how or where to contribute.

There is never a shortage of openings for research assistants — whether those positions are full-time, contract, part-time, or project based. The hiring market relies heavily on word of mouth, which often rewards already well-connected individuals. A public posting for a position often yields hundreds of replies, with dozens of qualified applicants. Given the nature of the work, it often comes down to simply having someone in the hiring network vouch for a particular applicant. Enter: #NatSecGirlSquad.

The #NatSecGirlSquad research assistant matching program provides enables hiring managers and researchers to work with pre-vetted, diverse, candidates. Available research assistants come from the #NatSecGirlSquad community, with a particular emphasis on outreach to people of color, queer people, first-generation college graduates, first-generation citizens, and other marginalized people.



Washington, DC