Overview: #NatSecGirlSquad builds and supports competent diversity in national security and defense through its professional development community and strategic advisory services. Our work focuses on building expertise, confidence in that expertise, and institutionalizing opportunities for success within existing systems. We want to ensure each individual has the information, ability, and support required to define professional and personal success for themselves, alter it as their priorities evolve, and achieve it over and over again.

Why bother? We believe every national security challenge, threat, and opportunity is, at its core, a human capital issue. To be soft on diversity to be soft on defense. Full stop.

To #NatSecGirlSquad, competent diversity in national security and defense means a more resilient, capable, and agile national security and defense workforce. And that translates to a more resilient, capable, and agile national security enterprise.

Structure: #NatSecGirlSquad is a project of Unicorn Strategies, LLC, working towards B-Corp status. It has no investors and is just beginning to consider funding opportunities.

About the Community

#NatSecGirlSquad interacts with more than 20,000 people a month across a variety of platforms and mediums. Our membership is diverse, spanning six continents and a variety of sectors. Our youngest members are undergraduate students; our most senior members are in their late 80s. Each Armed Service is represented, and over 35% of our military members are enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. Students come from small community colleges, large state schools, and private colleges and universities. Those in the workforce are foreign service officers, civil servants, political appointees, Members of Congress and their staff, senior leaders to interns at think-tanks across the political spectrum, and more. Our areas of expertise and world views are vast; the red thread connecting us all is a commitment to “building as we climb.”

#NatSecGirlSquad’s voice is unique. Everyone may not be “for” #NatSecGirlSquad, but #NatSecGirlSquad is for everyone. We encourage each person to full their own definition of success and are eager to support them along the way – however they want to be supported.

Take what works for you, leave what does not, and treat each other with respect and dignity. That’s it.



Washington, DC