What is #NatSecGirlSquad

#NatSecGirlSquad is committed to building competent diversity in national security and defense through community and innovation. It also provides consulting and technical assistance to fed government agencies and contractors in the national security and defense space to strengthen their recruitment, retention, and development of diverse workforces.

#NatSecGirlSquad offers a membership program that is open to all people. Our programming is focused on three pillars

  1. Building expertise among women and their allies in national security and defense
  2. Building confidence in that expertise: meaning women’s belief and recognition in themselves as experts and the larger field recognizing and valuing their expertise
  3. Institutionalizing success and using leverage points within the existing system to better support members in reaching their own definition of success

Is #NatSecGirlSquad affiliated with a political party or movement?

  1. No. #NatSecGirlSquad is explicitly non-partisan. We actively encourage membership, participation, and contributions from all people who are committed to competent diversity in national security. Our membership requirements are that you follow our Code of Conduct. NSGS also provides ad hoc support to its members, whether it is job searching, salary negotiations, difficult situations at work, preparing for deployment, or other. Our goal is always to meet the needs of our members, whatever they are and wherever they are.

Is #NSGS a non-profit organization?

No. #NSGS is a for-profit entity, working towards B-corp certification. You can learn more about B-corps here.

Can I work for #NSGS?

If we are hiring, you can see our postings here.

Should I join #NatSecGirlSquad?

#NatSecGirlSquad membership is open to anyone. If you are committed to competent diversity in national security then #NatSecGirlSquad wants you, regardless of age, gender, education level, or area of professional focus. Our programing is built for people in the field, but we welcome support across the board. Men- that includes you!

All levels of membership are open to all people. For those who identify as men and wish to play a supporting role in #NSGS, we suggest the Men of #NSGS membership.

Who are your members?

Our membership is diverse, spanning six continents and a variety of sectors. Our youngest members are undergraduate students, and our oldest members are in their 80s. Each branch of the military is represented, and our military members are current, enlisted, or retired. Academic members include undergraduate students, graduate students, and academic professionals. Those in the workforce are civil servants, members of congress and their staff, senior leaders and their interns at think tanks across the political spectrum and more. The ideologies represented are vast. The thread connecting us all is the commitments to build as we climb and practice intentional kindness while doing so.

How can I join?

Hit the membership button! #NSGS also operates a free listserv. You can access that listserv here.

How do I know what level of membership is right for me?

We encourage you to look through the benefits of each membership and choose the package that is right for you. Membership dues are priced annually. We think the best person equipped to choose the best membership for you is you. If you think that the student membership is the best membership for you, join. We are not going to check if you are a student or a young career professional. We use the honor system.

I work for a nonprofit/think tank/research organization. Do you offer a discounted membership rate?

#NSGS offers a partnership program for thinktanks, research centers, and other related nonprofits. This partnership allows #NSGS to offer free membership for all employees who are within one year of graduation or transition out of the military and a discounted rate for other employees. If you are interested, contact us here.

Where can I learn more about #NSGS’s events and programing?

You can see some of our events listed on our Events page here. Keep in mind, we keep the majority of our events and other programming specifically for our dues paying members. This means all the work we do isn’t listed online! To learn more, join as a member.

What is the #NSGS speakers’ bureau?

#NSGS runs a speakers’ bureau for mid-career plus members. #NSGS serves as a speaker’s agent on behalf of these members and is responsible for organizing and negotiating on their behalf. Speakers featured at our speaker’s bureau take a pledge to not speak on single-gender panels, including panels where the only participating woman is serving as moderator. #NSGS members of all genders are welcome in the speaker’s bureau. The speaker’s bureau is staffed by early career #NSGS members who are paid a below market rate commission on speaker’s fees. Research shows that women are less likely and less comfortable negotiating on salary and compensation. By partnering early-career members with more senior members, we are ensuring early-career members are able to strengthen their own negotiation skills, build meaningful relationships with more senior professionals in the field, and providing much needed administrative support to mid-senior and senior members.

What is the #NSGS research assistant matching program?

The #NSGS research assistant matching program connects early-career members to more senior members, organizations, and other partners who are in need of research support. We know that research assistantships are key points of entry for people in the field of national security and defense. Finding the right research assistant is no easy task. Time and time again, organizations are flooded with hundreds of applications for one or two positions. Desperate to make an efficient decision, they are often pushed to select a familiar or known applicant rather than the most qualified applicant. #NSGS membership is majority young women and includes a significantly higher percentage of women of color, first generation U.S. citizens, and first-generation college graduates than similar organizations. The research assistant matching program helps organizations to streamline their application process and provide newcomers who may not have a strong existing network the opportunity to get a foot in the door. Research assistants are available for full-time, part-time, and short-time work. This opportunity to available to dues-paying members as organizations or individuals.

What kind of information is on the #NSGS listserv?

#NSGS listserv is a free information sharing tool open to anyone in the field. You can find job postings, internship and job opportunities and more shared by the community. It is also a great resource when you are looking for a referral, career advice, etc. In addition to the listserv, members have access to the monthly newsletter. This newsletter includes additional events, professional opportunities, and job postings made available specifically to our members.

How can I learn more about #NSGS’ consulting work?

#NSGS provides technical support across the national security apparatus, including to non-profits and the federal government. We primarily focus our work on how to best recruit, retain, promote, and support a competent and diverse workforce in the field. To learn more, contact us here.

My company is interested in partnering with #NSGS. How do I do that?

Great! #NSGS regularly partners with brands and companies. Some of our current partners include Rent the Runway, MM LaFleur and Guidehouse.

If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact us. You can learn more about our corporate membership program here and sponsorship opportunities for our 2019 annual conference.

I want to bring #NSGS to my school/office/base/group/etc.

That’s great! We would love to come speak at your event/etc or partner with you at your event. Speakers’ inquires submit here.

When can I find #NSGS on twitter?

#NSGS’s twitter handle is @NatSecGirlSquad. We also encourage you to use and follow # and the # twitter list.

Here are organizations and resources that #NSGS are hyped up about:

Groups focusing on advancing diversity in national security:

  1. WCAPS
  2. Center for Feminist Foreign Policy
  3. Women in Defense
  4. Gender Champions
  5. CSIS Diversity and Inclusion Leadership
  6. CSIS Smart Women Smart Power
  7. Women in International Security
  8. CNAS Women in International Security
  9. Women in Security and Technology
  10. Women Also Know
  11. LC WINS (Leadership Council of Women in National Security)

Professional Development Resources

  1. BossedUp
  2. Ladies Get Paid
  3. INSA
  4. AUSA
  5. The Female Quotient



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